Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Registration is free and available to anyone who wants to buy on GENCO

It is a two step process. Go to the registration page and fill in the short forms telling us a little about your business. Second, once your form is submitted, you will receive an email to validate your registration. You must activate your email address to be able to login to

If you are a business and want to be exempted from state sales taxes (especially if you are located in AZ, CA, FL, GA, IN, NV, OH, PA, TN, or TX), you will want to submit a valid tax exemption certificate to our Customer Service staff.

It is possible for a business to register multiple names with GENCO Marketplace. However, additional registrations from the same business must be done by Customer Service staff. Please contact them.

Why should I register?
  1. It's free
  2. You'll have unrestricted access to search all pallets of merchandise available for sale
  3. You can't buy unless you're registered
  4. You can alert us to your specific product preferences
  5. Did we's free?
To whom does GENCO Marketplace sell?

GENCO Marketplace sells and ships to businesses in the United States and Canada.

Can I register if my business is based outside of the United States or Canada?

Only companies based in the United States and Canada can register on the website. Foreign firms who want to register and buy will need a US business license and a US-based address. Buyers based outside of the United States and Canada should contact our Customer Support Team with more questions.

Do I pay taxes for purchases on this website?

GENCO Marketplace (GMP) currently charges and collects sales tax on orders when customers take possession of the products in the following states- AZ, CA, FL, GA, IN, NV, OH, PA, TN, or TX- AND when a buyer has not submitted a valid tax exemption certificate. NOTE: this list of states where GMP is registered may change; all changes will be updated on our website.

If a buyer has submitted a valid tax exemption certificate (i.e., resale certificate, etc.), GMP will not charge tax.

If a buyer has not submitted a valid tax exemption certificate prior to or at the time of sale and takes physical ownership in any jurisdiction where GMP is registered to collect sales tax, the buyer will be charged the appropriate state tax by GMP.

Note: if a buyer takes possession of purchased products in a jurisdiction where GMP is not registered to collect sales tax, GMP will not charge or collect that jurisdictions' tax. However, the buyer should contact their tax advisor to understand any tax obligations related to their purchases with GMP.

Can Canadian buyers purchase lots from US facilities? Can US buyers buy from Canadian facilities?

GENCO does not ship lots across international borders. Accordingly US-based businesses are able to buy lots from facilities in the United States. And Canadian buyers can only purchase lots in Canada. The website will grey out "add to cart" buttons when a US buyer selects products from Canada and vice-versa. Please contact our Customer Support Team with more questions.

What conditions of products are for sale?
  • Customer Returns - Product that has been purchased by consumers and returned to the retailer for a variety of reasons.
  • Refurbished Products - Products that are used, but have gone through an inspection process and been restored to like-new condition. They typically have a limited warranty. New and never opened. These products can include overstock items (product that does not make it to the retail shelf), closeout merchandise (product that was in the store but is no longer offered by retailer), and shelf pulls (product that was in the retail store but pulled off the shelf to make room for new inventory).
  • Visible Box Damage - Box damage merchandise is product whose packaging was damaged in the distribution center and, for that reason, was never shipped to the retail store. Opened and resealed box. These open box products were previously opened, so they may be slightly worn in appearance and will be re-taped.
  • Scratch and Dent - These products are not tested. The vast majority, however, are fully functional, though they may have scratches, or missing accessories.
What is the difference between private label branded product and private label?

National Branded Product is product that is not manufactured or specifically sold at a single retail outlet. Private Label is product that is manufactured and sold at a specific retail outlet.

What kind of warranty is provided?

There are no warranties on liquidation merchandise and purchases cannot be returned. All product from surplus liquidators is sold "as-is where-is." This fact is reflected in the deeply discounted price for liquidation lots.

What different methods of buying are there?
What is proxy bidding?

Proxy bidding lets you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item. GENCO Marketplace will accept the minimum price that will allow you to win the bid. As competing bids rise, our system will automatically place other bids on your behalf until your maximum bid amount is reached.

How do I bid on Auctions?

Visit our mobile app (or the desktop version). Click here.

What happens when I am the winning auction bid?

Upon auction close, if you are the winning bid, you will be notified by email. Please remember that every bid on a GENCO Marketplace auction lot is a binding contract. You are agreeing to buy the lot at the price you indicate should you ultimately be the high bidder. Bids may not be cancelled once submitted. Cancelling bids may result in the suspension of your account.

How do I purchase products offered at a fixed price?

Log-on to your account. Select a liquidation lot. Click "Add to Cart."

What is my account page?

This is a central location on our website where you can quickly and easily manage your account. Use it to check orders pending for payment and view your purchase history.

How do I find products?

GENCO Marketplace has added advanced search functionality to its newly launched site. You can now search for specific products in manifests to help you more quickly located what you are looking for. Simply input the brand or product category you are looking for in the search box at the top of the page. The search field is available at the top of every web page.

What are terms and conditions (T&Cs)?
These are conditions, set by the retailers or manufacturers that are liquidating their inventory, related to reselling products in the secondary market. The conditions must be agreed to by the buyer prior to purchase. These conditions are established in order to protect the integrity of the brands and the retail pricing of the products. Surplus liquidators work with vendors to enforce these terms and conditions.
Where do I find the T&Cs?

You will see and agree to the T&Cs on the registration form. You can view the current T&Cs on the "MY ACCOUNT" tab.

Is a sales tax exemption certificate required?

Sales tax exemption certificates are not required to place an order with GENCO Marketplace (GMP) in the United States or Canada. However, GMP collects state sales tax in the U.S. in certain scenarios. Please read the answer to "Do I pay taxes for purchases on this website?" in the Registration and Buying section of FAQs.

What is a sales tax exemption certificate?

A tax exemption certificate exempts buyers from paying sales tax on their purchases. It may also be called a Sales Tax License, Sales and Use Tax Permit, Seller's Permit, or Certificate of Authority. Please visit our Tax Exemption Resource Page for instructions and forms.

How do I obtain a Resale Certificate/Sales Tax License?

Visit our Resale Certificate/Sales Tax License page for information on how to obtain these documents by state. Submit your documentation to when it is complete.

What type of payments do you accept?

GENCO Marketplace accepts payment by bank wire transfer and credit card. All purchases will require payment before merchandise is shipped. A ship method must be chosen for all products on an order PRIOR TO selecting a payment method. All bids and sale transactions must be conducted directly with our Pittsburgh, PA corporate office. Wire Information: Your wire transfer will be made directly to GENCO in Pittsburgh, PA. Wiring information will be provided to the buyer via email, or you can call 1-800-224-3141, option #2. Click here to learn about some alternate methods of payment through Kabbage and Behalf.

Are there special guidelines for credit card payments?

GENCO accepts payment through Discover, MasterCard and Visa for orders placed online. There is a cap on credit card usage of $10,000 per customer per day in the United States and $10,000 CAD in Canada.

Can I pay for multiple purchase agreements with one wire?

Yes, as long as you reference all of the purchase agreement numbers on the wire.

How long does it take to receive a wire transfer?

The length of time can vary. On average, it takes two hours before it shows up in our account. Wires from Canada usually take 3 to 5 days.

How long does it take to process a wire transfer?

It normally takes one day. This timeframe can be shortened if the purchase agreement information is referenced on your wire.

When may I schedule a pickup of my goods?

Product is typically released within 24 hours after the wire has been posted or credit card payment received.

Where do your products ship from?

We have multiple locations across North America. View all locations here.

Who is responsible for freight cost?

The purchaser is responsible for and shall pay the cost of any and all shipping. This includes trucking, special handling (residential delivery, liftgate, and call for appointment), duties, and clearing cost. GENCO Transportation can provide shipping services at discounted rates.

How do I get a shipping estimate and arrange shipping on the site?

After an item is added to your cart, select the preferred Shipping Method (GENCO Shipping or Customer Pickup). Choose the Shipping Address and answer questions concerning any special shipping needs. For any shipments over 10 pallets, please call the transportation department at 800-224-3141, option #4 for a shipping quote.

What are accessorial services?
When should I use a common carrier?

When you cannot pick up or would like GENCO Transportation to ship for you. Truck transportation is sometimes more economical than pick-up. Common carriers transport your pallets on a truck with additional shipments so that the costs for transportation can be shared. Please call GENCO Transportation at 800-224-3141, option #4 for a shipping quote.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Transit times are not guaranteed. Our goal is to ship within 3 business days after your order is paid in full. Transit times do not include the day of pick-up.

What happens if my shipment isn't ready when the driver comes?

Most commonly, the driver will not wait. The driver will be dispatched for the following day.

What happens if merchandise is damaged in transit?

Title and risk of loss to any merchandise pass to the buyer upon GENCO's tender of shipment to the carrier at GENCO's warehouse. The consignee must file claims with the carrier for damage in transit.

What is the claims process?

Claims are handled directly between the shipper, consignee and the carrier. GENCO Marketplace is not involved in the actual claims process and has no influence on the carrier's claim decision. Claims with the carrier must be filed within 90 days of delivery. The claimant should only file for loss or damage on the product which was shipped. ALWAYS be as concise as possible in noting specific damage on the delivery receipt. Mark any damaged or missing freight on the delivery BOL immediately!

Do I call the carrier after scheduling a shipment?

Do not call the freight carrier or terminal since this will duplicate the pick-up. When you schedule shipping through GENCO Transportation, we contact the carrier electronically.

Can I pick up my order at the warehouse?

Yes, after your payment has been processed, you should make an appointment with the warehouse to schedule the pick-up since they will need time to stage the order. Please note there may be sales tax implications when you pick up your orders at GMP facilities. Please read the answer to "Do I pay taxes for purchases on this website?" in the Registration and Buying section of FAQs.

Do you ship overseas?

No. The buyer must be physically established in the United States with a US-based shipping address. Foreign buyers can contact our Customer Support department with more questions.

How do I create a shortcut to the GENCO Marketplace website?

Simply go the home page and right-click on the screen, and then choose "Create Shortcut."

How do I change my e-mail, address, and other personal information?

You can change pertinent information on the "My Account" page by clicking the EDIT button, inserting the new information and clicking the UPDATE button. Or, changes may be made with a Customer Service Representative by calling 800-224-3141, option #2.

How can I see my orders?

View your order history on the "My Account" page under "My Order History."