About GENCO Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace, a subsidiary of FedEx Supply Chain, is a wholesaler of retail returns. The company liquidates a large variety of products to liquidators, discount retailers, eBay sellers, flea marketers and other entrepreneurs. Our liquidation inventory features customer returns — as well as closeouts, refurbished products, and other liquidated merchandise. We offer dozens of categories of consumer goods, including general merchandise, apparel, computers and other electronics, office supplies, and sporting goods.


GENCO Marketplace is a subsidiary of FedEx Supply Chain, previously GENCO. As an innovator and recognized leader in the reverse logistics, GENCO developed top-tier returns processing and reverse logistics technology — underscoring our commitment to integrated supply chain solutions and a customer-centric approach. In 1992, GENCO Marketplace was created to help customers liquidate their returned merchandise and maximize their investment in inventory.


Because most of our liquidation contracts are with large retail chains and online retailers, our product selection is large and varied. If it's sold at retail, chances are we sell it.


They range from small online sellers who purchase single pallets for eBay inventory to large merchandise liquidators who regularly purchase multiple truckloads.